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    The Kitchen is the heart of a home

    The kitchen is an essential room where it brings family together and is considered as the heart of the home. Therefore, Artisan Interiors & Renovations ltd. is here to add style and quality to create a unique and inviting place to come together as a family. Not only does it serves as a functional place to prepare food, it is also somewhere to interact and host household activities. Importantly, creating this space that fits you and your families style is what we are all about. With that being said, we are accustomed to renovate it perfectly to your lifestyle, characteristics, and unique tastes with our talented team here at Artisan Interiors & Renovations Ltd.

    We are able to get the right products to fit your home where you can express individuality. Our team is experienced, creative and trusted by many when it comes to renovating the interior of your home. Put your trust in the more capable hands of our professional team.

    For more information about our Kitchen Interiors & Renovations service, contact us today and we will answer all your questions.

    Kitchen Renovations Projects

    Artisan Interiors & Renovations Ltd. is focused on making your Kitchen inviting. With creating spacing, remodelling, architecture, design and decorations, we fit your needs when it comes to renovating your kitchen. Click below to check out our portfolio.

    Questions to ask Artisan Interiors & Renovations Ltd.

    Our team will get your kitchen renovations done between 1-2 weeks. From beginning to end, we start with our free estimate with a walkthrough, then we discuss our clients ideas and visions while taking notes. Then we do some investigation, collect samples and present it to the client. Afterwards, we start to do the proper renovations and design the interior.

    Artisan Interiors & Renovations Ltd. has renovated and remodelled over a thousand kitchens. Our team is hands-on with our clients and here to listen to what they need and want. Our team is passionate and driven to make our clients happy with our service and we have the expertise to help you create your dream kitchen.


    As an Interior & Renovation company, we are legally certified to protect our clients from dangers such as lead exposure and other various hazards. We safely do our job and make sure that everything is working properly. We do frequent walkthroughs to make sure everything is up to par.

    Artisan Interiors & Renovations Ltd. is hands-on with clients and are available on/off site. They are able to contact us during the process and even afterwards. For more information about our services, contact us at (403)581-0602 with any questions.

    Your Kitchen Renovations

    We use quality material, making sure they are durable, easy to maintain and efficient when it comes to Kitchen Renovations. With design, Artisan Interiors & Renovations Ltd. is focused on your countertops, furniture, lighting, appliances such as countertops, sinks, flooring, sidings and other various details. Our team will get the job done as quick as possible. We are one of the fastest in the industry.

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    Let's get started today!

    Interior Design

    Our interior designers create something beautiful, they also make it functional and safe for our clients. Artisan Interiors & Renovations Ltd. are focused on the clients ideas and are able to create what you have envisioned for their kitchen interiors & renovations. We strive to maximize your kitchen within your home by adding characteristics, to serve a purpose and to create a feeling within the space.

    Our team is detailed oriented and are able to generate a pleasing interior with colours, textures, patterns, light, forms, space and line. We design the kitchen by using new and existing furniture and appliance. When we design and renovate your kitchen, we focus on:

    • Space planning
    • Floor plan development, elevations, details and renderings
    • Renovation concept plans
    • Using new and existing furniture and appliances

    About our interior design, click here for more information


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